Artrageous Tattoo Studio Auckland

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Welcome To Artrageous

If you want to get class ‘A’ work, you have to do some thinking, some research and be willing to have your horizons expanded….

The designs on the wall may be outstanding, but unless they are going to look as good (or better) on the skin that should mean nothing ….

Paul Peachey, Artrageous’ International Award Winning Tattoo Artist, would agree that the aim has to be to do the best work possible every time. Being a Tattoo Artist is not just a profession, it is a lifestyle – at the end of the day to have integrity, you cannot ever slack off in an artistic field or you risk stagnation.

Come to Artrageous and meet Paul, Pip and Renee, have a look through their extensive gallery of work and talk to them about your ideas for your new tattoo. If you are looking for tattoo ideas of a tattoo design then Artrageous is the Auckland tattoo shop for you!!

All Artrageous artists work under the strictest hygiene practices. Each client is shown all autoclaved sterilised tattoo instruments and needles to be used, before they are opened, and explained the sterilisation process. Any questions are happily answered.

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Checkout our galleries

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